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Posted by WackyAnimation - November 5th, 2012

RIP 150+ flashes


Posted by WackyAnimation - January 1st, 2012

Simba and kiara.

As simba wandered casually back pride rock he caught an interestimg scent hanging on the breeze. He sniffed and immediately recognized it as a lioness in heat. The intoxicating aroma grew stronger and soon he saw the source of the scent. It was the one lioness he didnt want to be lusting over. His daughter, kiara. "bugger" simba thought to himself "this is awkward". Kiara stopped about 10 feet infront of him but didnt see him. Simba crept slowly forward, keeping in the long grass until he was only a matter of inches away. "not very good at looking out for anyone creepinh up on you are you?" kiara jumped and immediately turned and hit simba straight in the face. "ow!" simba cried.
"dad? What are yiu doing here?"
"i could ask the same of you"
"i've come into my first heat, the other lionesses said i should cime out here for a bit until its over"
"yes, i can smell that, let me have a look at you"
simba walked around her magnificent body, he sniffed and felt his primal instincts kick in. He looked beneath her tail, moved in closer and started to sniff and lick.
"kiara, its time you learnt about mating. I know you've been spending alot more time with kovu lately and im just concerned for you"
"err.. Thanks, i guess. What exactly do you have in mind?"
"wait and see. Just lie on your belly and lift your tail"
she did as he asked and then patiently waited for what was to happen next.
She felt simba move over her, he nuzzled the back of her neck affectionaltly.
"so what happens now?"
"well, if you're going to mate make sure that you're not getting crushed by the male, also, you're a lioness, you're much stronger than any lion, so if you dont like it just throw him off"
kiara pondered on this for a moment then decided that the situation was far too interesting to end. "ok, 1 more thing before we start, remember that mating does'nt always mean cubs, you can voluntarily ovulate, but that does have 1 bad point, when a male pulls out of you it will hurt. There are spines on a lions penis to try and enduce fertility. So dontsay i didnt warn you, ok?"
"fine, so... Can we get on with this then"
simba lowered himself and positioned his sheath behind kiaras sweet smelling vagina. His penis began to slowly emerge and he started thrusting gently to find his mark. He found it quickly and immediately thrust into his daughter. Kiara screamed "ow! Not so fast!"
"sorry, tell me if im doing something you dont like, this is the perfect oppertunity to find iut how you like to be fucked. That could really help your relationship with kovu. Infact, im gonna find him when were done and have a chat with him"
"dad, i dont like that tone in your voice. Please tell me you're not going to do what i think you're going to do"
"hey, anyone shagging my daughter has to know what there doin, and what there letting themselves in for. He needs some experience himself"
"what? You're gay?"
"no, im fucking you right now arent i? Im bisexual. I prefer females though and out of all the females i prefer your mum over any other. But arent we getting distracted here?"
simba started thrusting faster and faster and kiaras orgasm started building. "please...aahh...dad, let go...ooh yes!.. Please! I cant...ahh, AAHH!... Take it much longer!"
"patience kiara, you have to let the male finish when he's ready"
"oh ok then, hold on"
simba let out a deafening roar that left kiaras ears ringing, thrust deeply one last time and exploded into kiaras tender pussy. "ok kiara, this is going to hurt" simba whispered as he grabbed the scruff of her neck in his powerful jaws. With one swift movement he pulled his dick out and jumped off kiara. "OW!"
"i warned you"
kiara lay panting and simba lay beside her. "lets find some shelter for tonight, no use going back to pride rock tonight" the two of them moved away towards one of the many caves surrounding pride rock and settled in for the night. Meanwhile, sat patiently in the long grass, smiling to herself was nala. "well then simba" she thought to herself "if you can get that reaction out of our daughter then whats our next little encounter going to be like" the queen of the pridelands then started to head back to pride rock, laughing to herself.

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Posted by WackyAnimation - August 31st, 2011

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Posted by WackyAnimation - February 10th, 2011

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Posted by WackyAnimation - January 6th, 2011

I miss 321's llamas. where could he have gone?